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Founding member of the Romanian Association of security Technique
Fire and burglary warning
Acces Control
Video Surveillance System
Retail Security
Data and Voice installations
Electrical installations

For applications in integrated equipment can be provided with software interface that allows:
  • stored events in the database
  • real-time analysis of their
  • operating data rescue by the operator or automatically
  • statistical analysis of the behavior and functionality
  • print event logs
  • data protection and programs by password

It’s intended to discourage and delay burglary actions and if these actions occur with ,can be taken countermeasures

When choosing the structure of the system are taken into account:
  • reaction system to be safe and fast
  • not present false
  • can not be avoided or annihilated by various methods (electromagnetic radiation, non-adjustment of sensitivity)
  • can be extended in case of additional requirements
The basic structure of the system consists of:
  • intrusion detectors of various types as: passive infrared detectors, ultrasonic, duals, microwaves, sound, motion video or combinations thereof
  • elements in case of panic alarm in case of aggression such as panic buttons or panic pedals. These elements must be operable by subdued moves
  • connection system can be wired or wireless
  • The main switchboard can be supplied with the events memory and printer
  • optical and acoustic local alarm equipment (bells, lamps) and the remote alarm intervention services (telephone communicator)
Equipment must be featured with the off-line testing mode

Detection equipment - Signalling
  • Fire detectors
    (Optical, thermal, combined optical + thermal)
  • Flame detectors
  • Gas detectors
    (Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Methane Gas)
  • Acoustic and optical alarm devices
  • Manual alarm button is activated by breaking glass
  • CPU surveillance may be under construction: conventional, analogue addressable and interactive
  • Cable network detection and extinguishing
Extinguishing installations SYSTEMS

Extinguishing installations
  • Automatic extinguishing devices (sprinkler) that respond to fires with rapid growth, accompanied by flames and command spraying water or foam generation in the area affected by fire
  • Special devices for extinguishing and cooling water, foam, inert gas, dust or steam
  • Inert gas extinguishing devices (CO2, FM 200, INERGEN, N2) with trigger and automatic operation
  • Anti-explosion devices with extremely low response times and whose main function is to prevent the high pressure resulting from ignition of combustible gases or dust
  • Devices for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation to reduce their concentration facilitates rescue and evacuation of personnel and surgery team specializes
  • Pressurization devices to maintain smokeless zones in order to keep safe the stairs, paths and escape routes
  • Security lighting which is activated immediately after the fall of normal lighting and ensure marking escape routes
  • Emergency communications equipment that connect those who conduct the business of fighting, crews and staff threatened or blocked
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