ROVIS Co Sisteme de Securitate
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Founding member of the Romanian Association of security Technique
Fire and burglary warning
Acces Control
Video Surveillance System
Retail Security
Data and Voice installations
Electrical installations

The system is designed to allow access to different parts of a building only authorized individuals or vehicles.

Depending on the class of security that is required by the recipient number and quality of people who have access to certain areas is strictly limited and access control systems Personal Auto

Management solutions and restricting access

Operating principles of the system are based on the following levels
  • person or vehicle identification using coded cards, magnetic proximity or identify certain features biometric (fingerprint or retina)
  • Record the date and place of access
  • order to pass or block the passage of local elements (magnet, turnstiles or other elements)
  • surveillance and access control
Advanced access control system is equipped with a configuration software that can provide the following facilities
  • access control and time attendance applications which require interface with the centralized payroll system
  • access control integrated building management system with other surveillance systems
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