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Data and Voice installations
Electrical installations

Advantages of using renewable power systems

- 100% energy independence.
- Flexibility in choosing components
- Ensure power supply to power any application installed from several hundred watts to tens of kW.
- The Electric charge is protected by providing quality electrical current according to the European standards.
- Maintenance is simple and can be performed even by the recipient.
Supply systems

Solar panels
Make solar energy conversion into electricity in the form of DC current

The inverter
That converts the direct current supplied by solar panels into alternating current necessary household or industrial

Are the most important elements in the system, they ensure system operation when no power source is available

Bhargers solar - wind - generating
The Charger role is to ensure the efficient charging of batteries and providing their maximum life span

For situations where renewable energy is available and when the batteries are weak, this is the last system backup possible

Distribution and control panel
This ensures proper operation of the power system and power distribution management between its components and task

Cables, fuses, clamps, brackets panels, battery holder, etc.
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