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Founding member of the Romanian Association of security Technique
Fire and burglary warning
Acces Control
Video Surveillance System
Retail Security
Data and Voice installations
Electrical installations

Its intended to discourage and delay burglary actions and if these actions occur with ,can be taken countermeasures

Burglary attempt detection
Extinguishing installations SYSTEMS

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The system is designed to allow access to different parts of a building only authorized individuals or vehicles.

Depending on the class of security that is required by the recipient number and quality of people who have access to certain areas is strictly limited and access control systems Personal Auto

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Video Surveillance SYSTEMS
Depending on the beneficiaries requirements we can provide CCTV systems with the ability to view color or black and white

It is important to note that to cover the entire targeted area need to be properly selected object type and a corresponding equipment system according to environment (indoor, outdoor, dusty, etc.).

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ROVIS Co is partner and unique distributor in Romania of equipement produced by MYRIAD Technologies, British company with a long tradition in the field.

So our company is always up to date with everything that’s new in this field.

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Public address SYSTEMS

Sound and Public Address installations intended to create a framework suitable ambient sounds for each location separately and possibly specific unsolicited prerecorded or live

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Data and Voice Installations

Installation of voice and data structured cabling networks involves performing category requested by the Beneficiary, its testing and commissioning

As a complement to security systems in general we can execute intercom systems, video intercom black / white or color, analog or digital

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